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Safecon – An Expert Provider of Fire Safety Courses

Safecon is a leading provider of Fire Safety training in Ireland. Safecon deliver both Private and Public Fire Safety training courses in Ireland. We have training centres based in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway at which we carry out regular public Fire Safety training courses at monthly intervals.

At Safecon, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality, value and dedication to our clients nationwide. Please review the course list for more details on our courses. We are only a phone call away from helping you decide when course is best for you.

Fire Safety

Employers must by law ensure a safe place of work, safe access & egress and safe articles or substances. When it comes to fire safety there are a number of different elements that must be considered when developing a fire safety plan. Employers must ensure there are competent persons with sufficient training, experience and knowledge in relation to fire safety to ensure a fire safety procedure can be rolled out in the event of an emergency. Fire safety is a must have in any workplace or even any domestic setting.

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training comprises both theoretical and practical elements to cover basic fire safety training, fire extinguisher training, fire risk assessment training and fire warden training. Employees who may be appointed particular roles in the fire safety emergency plan must be made aware of their role and must attend fire safety training on an annual basis. It would be recommended that all staff attend fire safety training to ensure the safety health and welfare of all personnel on the premises in the event of fire. Regardless if you are in a work or domestic environment it is recommended that you have some knowledge of fire safety i.e. safe use of a fire extinguisher therefore fire safety training should be attended.

Fire Safety Training Courses

There are a number of different types of fire safety training courses available. Our fire safety training courses take anything from half a day to two days depending on the requirements. Safecon’s two day occupational fire safety training course has been designed with the advice of a senior fire professional specifically to help your company comply with the 2005 act which states that it is now compulsory for companies to conduct a fire risk assessment. Our fire safety training courses are intense & interactive to ensure all participants have a good knowledge of how to use fire extinguishers and also how to manage fire safety. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance once they attend any of our fire safety training courses.