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Emergency Planning

Has your company got an Emergency Plan in place ?

Fire is destructive, it takes lives and injures people. It damages property and equipment, and destroys raw materials and finished product. It causes massive business interruption, with many businesses never recovering from the losses. Safecon would advise all organisations to ensure that they are in compliance with current legislation, guidance and best practice on fire safety, to limit the risk from fire to their employees and others and to their business.

The legal requirements for Emergency Planning

The Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003 place a legal responsibility on all employers to achieve an appropriate standard of fire safety, to manage fire safety on an ongoing basis and to prepare for possible fires or other emergencies that could occur at the workplace. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and associated Regulations also place a legal responsibility on all employers to plan for possible emergencies, including fire. In order to ensure compliance with fire safety and health & safety legislation, emergencies, including fire, should be planned and prepared for on an ongoing basis. This includes the carrying out of at least two evacuating drills every year.

What is Emergency Planning?

A Safecon consultant will visit your premises to examine the building and to discuss emergency planning in the organisation. On completion of the visit, you will be presented with an Emergency Plan for the premises outlining the policies and procedures that should be established within the organisation to ensure compliance with health & safety and fire safely legislation, guidance and best practice. This Plan will also include any required drawings, which are a key component to successful emergency planning. The Emergency Plan will consist of:

  • Site-specific Emergency Procedures for the organisation to be implemented by all employees, contractors and visitors
  • Information for all key persons within the Emergency Plan on how to carry out their functions
  • Particular information on disabled egress and recommendations on suitable equipment to aid evacuation of disable persons
  • Personal Evacuation Plans for individuals where required
  • Marked-up floor plans and site layout plans showing all relevant fire safety information
  • Responsibilities of all appointed and competent Fire Wardens
  • Recommendations on implementing an Emergency Evacuation Programme for the organisation

How Safecon fire consultants can help with Emergency Planning

Safecon have specialised Fire Safety Consultants to help you with your fire safety requirements. Our consultants can act as ‘competent persons’ and work with staff in your organisation to ensure that there is a good awareness of fire safety, controls and management of fire safety, and active recommendations in place appropriate to the nature of your business.

Do you need Emergency Planning in place?

  • Do you know your fire safety responsibilities under current legislation?
  • Do you have clearly written Emergency Procedures in place?
  • Do you have Floor Plans and Site Layout Plans marked-up showing all relevant fire safety information, available for employee and Fire Brigade information?
  • Do you have an Emergency Evacuation Programme in place in your organisation?
  • Do you carry out emergency evacuations at least twice per year?
  • Do you have a suitable number of Fire Wardens in your organisation?
  • Do you train your Fire Wardens using a Fire Warden Training Programme?
  • Do you review your Emergency Procedures after each Emergency Evacuation?

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