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Client Charter

Client Charter

Working with Safecon allows you to significantly improve the way you do business. Be it an audit of your health , safety or quality management system against international standards, an inspection to help you to meet a regulation or a training course to provide you with the skills necessary to meet best practice, our core values are always a central part of the service we provide to you the client. What are these?

Respect for Individuals

People are the life blood of our business. In providing our services to you, people are critical at every stage. From an initial visit to discuss your requirements, to agreeing a delivery schedule to providing the service itself, we want you to know that you come first at every stage.

Privacy & Confidentiality

All our dealings with a client are conducted in a manner that respects their rights to privacy and confidentiality in so far as our statutory responsibilities will permit.

Quality Service

Client satisfaction is fundamental to our continued success and is the cornerstone of the services we offer. Safecon is firmly committed to providing a quality service to our clients. We work together as a team to ensure that our services exceed the expectations of our clients.

Dynamic & Creditable

Our aim is to help you to take full advantage of the benefits of engaging with us. To achieve this, our staff will always try to ensure that you do. Together with the detail and findings we include in your reports we are there to make sure you promote your achievements effectively. Maximising your experience with us is a key objective of all staff at staff at Safecon.

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