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Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics

Safecon Building Acoustics consultancy division offers an extensive range of services in relation to the assessment, measurement, prediction and analysis of noise and vibration within the building and architectural acoustics sector. Expertise covers the full range of building types and projects and the Company endeavours to provide clients with relevant, high quality, cost-effective advice.

Sound generated inside a building is reflected and absorbed at room surfaces. Some energy propagates through the structure to other adjoining areas. Some energy can escape to the environment and is heard by neighbours. This is the science of Building Acoustics.

Just as sound can escape a building, so to, can it enter it. Usually this is noise and can be from road traffic, aircraft, industrial sources and even people. Often sound escaping a building finds the same routes as noise entering from outside.

There are also external sources of noise associated with buildings, for example rooftop mechanical plant. These add to the potential noise disturbance from a building. So, of course, does the whole process of its construction.

Safecon undertakes building acoustics studies for a wide range of projects. These can be as part of a planning application, or an Environmental Statement/EIA. They can be as part of initial feasibility reviews or detailed design stages of a building project. They might even be solely during the commissioning and handover of a completed project

Building Acoustics Consultancy

  • Sound Insulation Testing, in accordance with the Building Standards Section 5 (Scotland)
  • School design and assessment to BB93.
  • Internal building/ room acoustics including speech intelligibility and reverberation time.
  • Acoustic Design of all types of building – residential, public, commercial, educational and industrial.
  • Analysis and acoustic design of building services/HVAC systems.
  • Dynamic response of buildings to vibration.
  • Evaluation and specification of noise and vibration remedial works.