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Safety GAP Analysis

Is your company complying with legislation ?

A Safety Gap analysis is your first step in implementing a formal health and safety management system and achieving certification to OHSAS 18001. It is a baseline evaluation of your current practices and performance, and identifies the main gaps against the requirements of the standard.

Our health and safety experts can carry out a gap analysis of your current management system and draft recommendations for improving your health and safety performance and meeting the requirements of the standard.

A safety gap analysis is a proactive approach to ensure your safety management system is effective and complying with legislation. It also emphasises to colleagues that they work in an environment which wants to promote safety as one of its core values.

A safety gap analysis can cover a wide range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our safety contractors can identify key areas that may need immediate attention and work with you to implement health and safety improvement plans and initiatives.

Officers including company directors must exercise due diligence to ensure the organisation is fulfilling its workplace health and safety obligations. Health and safety commitment and leadership from the top levels of the organisation are critical to health and safety outcomes. Some areas that due diligence should be demonstrated:

  • acquiring and keeping up to date with knowledge of legislative matters
  • understand business operations and the associated hazards and risks
  • ensure appropriate resources and processes are implemented to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety
  • a clear communication strategy is in place for information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and responding in a timely way to that information
  • safety training for managers, workers and others involved with your business

Our GAP analysis consultants are up to date with legislation and will ensure your organisation is up to speed with all your workplace health and safety obligations. Our Safety Gap Analysis package covers:

  • An initial review of clients operations, structure, existing safety system, and training of employees.
  • Walk through audit of your workplace.
  • Discussion of results and recommendations to achieve legislative compliance.
  • Documented report to client.

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