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Ergonomic Assessments & Consultancy

What is Ergonomics ?

Put simply ‘ergonomics looks at people at work and applies ergonomics principles to ensure that the work tasks are suitable for the abilities of the worker. The worker is then more productive and the risk of injury is reduced, particularly the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are general aches, pains and injuries in the soft tissues and joints. They occur most frequently in the neck, lower back and upper limbs.

These musculoskeletal disorders account for a significant proportion of worker absenteeism. Carrying out ergonomic workplace and workstation assessments will help to identify work activities which increase the risk of workers developing musculoskeletal disorders. Early identification of such activities can allow early intervention to reduce the risk of injury. Such intervention may include changes to the workstation, to work equipment, to work postures or to the system of work.

Safecon can assist with such assessments and implementation of controls which will have significant benefit for employers and for employees with improved productivity and reduced worker absenteeism.

What does Ergonomic Consultancy Involve ?

Safecon offers a variety of expertise and services to cover an extensive range of projects. Safecon provides complete ergonomic project management using highly experienced Certified Professional Ergonomists.

Ergonomics Workplace Services Include:

  • Ergonomics Risk Factor Analysis
  • Job design
  • Solution Justification
  • New or existing product integration & tooling development
  • New production line design
  • Facility design & layout
  • Staffing of on-site contract ergonomists

Safecon focuses on solutions. The engineering ergonomists work closely with your in-house expertise and suppliers to provide effective solutions to workplace hazards. Using our extensive experience from thousands of ergonomic analyses, our engineering ergonomists can specify appropriate ergonomic controls. We provide options… from no-cost or low-cost solutions to complete engineering controls.

An ergonomic Job Analysis results in the following:

  • Ergonomic Risk Factor Identification
  • Prioritization of Job Hazards
  • Development of Control Strategies, including Administrative, Work Method and Engineering Solutions
  • Determination of OSHA compliance
  • Specification of Workplace Solutions
  • Specification of Proper Working Technique

Indepth Ergonomic Assessments and Solutions

We offer a proven line of pre-loss and post-loss ergonomics consulting solutions.

  • Ergonomics Risk Assessment. Whether at the organizational level or individual operations we help your company identify, prioritize, and manage ergonomic-related risks.
  • We develop solutions! Through Ergonomics Problem Solving, we provide assistance in evaluating ergonomic-related hazards and developing practical, innovative solutions. We also provide assistance in project cost justification and tracking/managing the entire process.
  • Human Factors Integration. We have significant experience in the implementation of human factors throughout major design projects with the aim of reducing occupational injuries and the likelihood and consequences of human errors during construction and operation.
  • Design Assistance. We work with your organization to get it right the first time, preventing injuries by incorporating sound ergonomics principles in design of workstations, facilities, and even products.
  • Control Environment Assessment and Design. Our approach to control environment addresses both physical layout and control system review. In an environment where the consequences of human error may be catastrophic, application of our expertise seeks to optimize operating conditions.
  • Impactful Training Programs. Our training can be delivered by live presentation as well as courses designed for efficient, economical web-based delivery.
    • Ergonomics Team/Committee Training
    • Ergonomics Problem Solving Process
    • Ergonomics for Engineers
    • Incorporating Ergonomics into Product Design
    • Ergonomics Awareness Training

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