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Chemical Spill Training

Safecon – An Expert Provider of Chemical Spill Training Safety Courses

Safecon is a leading provider of Chemical Spill Training in Ireland. Safecon deliver both Private and Public Chemical Safety training courses in Ireland. We have training centres based in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway at which we carry out regular public Chemical spill training courses at monthly intervals.

At Safecon, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality, value & dedication to our clients nationwide. Please review the course list for more details on our courses. We are only a phone call away from helping you decide when course is best for you.

Course Content:

  • Role of Emergency Response Team.
  • Review of Chemical classifications and hazard labelling.
  • Spill activation procedures and response priorities.
  • Review of Personal Protective Equipment and clean-up materials.
  • Hands-on familiarisation with equipment.
  • Personal Protective Equipment donning exercises.
  • Review of simple chemical identification tests.
  • Practical chemical identification exercise.
  • Spill clean-up and waste disposal procedures, e.g. acids and solvents.
  • Decontamination procedures.

Learning Outcomes:

Following taking part in this chemical spill training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify chemicals seen at work
  • Understand procedures for chemical spill emergencies
  • Use Chemical Spill control equipment
  • Understand how to dispose of chemicals safely
  • Follow decontamination procedures


1 day

Chemical Spill

We may be faced with a chemical spill in many different scenarios both in the home and in the workplace when dealing with cleaning substances, cosmetics, paint and solvents etc therefore chemical spill awareness is essential in the work place. When dealing with any type of chemicals in the workplace employers, managers, supervisors and employees are required to have the knowledge on how to deal with a chemical spill. When dealing with a chemical spill there are very specific procedures that must be followed. It is important people who do not have any knowledge in how to manage a chemical spill allow a competent person deal with the chemical spill or they may be exposed to the harmful effects of the chemical substance.

Chemical Spill Training

Who is required to attend chemical spill training? If you are dealing with any type of chemicals in your workplace then you are required to attend chemical spill training. One of the main objectives during chemical spill training is the importance that participants gain a good understanding of the legislative background pertaining to a chemical spillage. During our chemical spill training we use visual aids and practical examples to ensure participants can develop practical skills when dealing with a chemical spill. We can tailor our chemical spill training to suit your requirements.

Chemical Spill Training Courses

Our chemical spill training courses take anywhere from half a day to a full day depending on the requirements. We will tailor our chemical spill training courses to suit your requirements to ensure you get the desired results. Our chemical spill training courses are designed to provide participants with the appropriate information on the hazards and dangers of working with chemicals. Management, Supervisors and Employees who use chemicals as part of their daily working life should attend regular chemical spill training courses. Participation and involvement from all participants is essential on all of our chemical spill training courses as all participants are required to pass a theory exam in order to receive a certificate.