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Exposure Monitoring

Exposure Monitoring

There are two important pieces of legislation that govern this area; The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work ( Chemical Agents) Regulations, 2001 and the 2002 Code of Practice for chemical agent regulations. These regulations lists occupational exposure limit values (OELv) for a large number of chemical.

What is Exposure Monitoring?

The term “chemical exposure monitoring” typically means the measurement of employee exposure to airborne vapors or particles of hazardous chemicals. Exposure can occur in a wide variety of scenarios; solvents in a chemical laboratory, exhaust fumes in a garage, dust in a joinery etc.

How Safecon consultancy can help with exposure monitoring?

Using sampling equipment and recognized guidelines ( MDHS, NIOSH), a Safecon occupational hygienist will collect samples which will then be analysed by a trusted and accredited laboratory.

The findings of the laboratory testing, plus a recording of the observations made during the visit will be issued to the client in a detailed report. Standard OLV levels will be compared to the recorded findings on the client site and specific recommendations will be made to the client in order to ensure compliance.

Do you need exposure monitoring assessments undertaken in your workplace?

Do you use chemicals in the workplace?

How do you handle chemicals at your workplace? Do you have a chemical handling policy?

Has it been two years since your last chemical exposure monitoring assessment?

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