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Emergency Response Training

Safecon – An Expert Provider of Chemical Safety Courses

Safecon is a leading provider of Chemical Courses in Ireland. Safecon deliver both Private and Public Chemical Safety Emergency Response training courses in Ireland. We have training centres based in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway at which we carry out regular public Working at Heights courses at monthly intervals.

At Safecon, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality, value & dedication to our clients nationwide. Please review the course list for more details on our courses. We are only a phone call away from helping you decide when course is best for you.

Emergency Response Training

Employers, managers, supervisory staff or employees who deal with chemicals in large quantities require emergency response training in order to be able to deal with and manage a chemical spillage. Emergency response training equips participants with the knowledge and skills they require to deal with emergencies in the workplace such as fire, explosions, chemical spills or personal injuries. The emergency response team requires emergency response training on a regular basis to ensure a prompt and efficient response to any emergency situation and also to ensure they are familiar with the procedure, this is achieved by attending emergency response training. Our emergency response training will be tailored and made specific to suit your organisation & carried out on your premises.

Emergency Response Training Courses

Who is required to attend emergency response training courses? If you are part of or play a role on the emergency response team for your organisation they you must attend regular emergency response training courses. Our emergency response training courses will be customized to suit the organisations emergency response procedure. Our emergency response training courses are carried out both on your site and also in our emergency response training facilities. Our emergency response training courses are very specific to ensure emergency response team members are equipped with the best knowledge on how to deal with any emergency situation promptly and in a professional and calm manner.

Emergency Response Training Course

The duration of our emergency response training course is between two to five days depending on the clients requirements. Once participants have completed our emergency response training course they will be able to, operate a system of command and control, take control of an emergency until replaced by emergency services, use all types of fire fighting and chemical spill response equipment, fight the fire and deal with chemical spills, operate breathing apparatus and perform search and rescue, etc. All members of the emergency response team including managers and supervisors etc must attend the emergency response training course. It is recommended on completion of the emergency response training course that the emergency response team carry out in house training on a regular basis to ensure all ERT members are familiar with the procedure. Our emergency response training course is highly intense and practical to ensure ERT members have a very good knowledge and understanding of how to manage an emergency situation until the emergency services arrive at the scene.