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Fire Safety Management Programme

Fire Safety Management

Management Fire safety measures relate to the day to day management of fire safety in a building. There is a legal responsibility on persons having control over premises to take reasonable measures to prevent the occurrence of a fire and to protect the lives and safety of occupants in the event of fire. The Fire Services Acts 1981 & 2003 place a legal responsibility to the day-today management of the building, the systems within a building and the persons who use the building.

What is a Safecon Fire Safety Management Programme exactly?

A competent Fire Safety consultant with implement the following to ensure that there is awareness of fire safety, policies and procedures and a set of future recommendations if warranted.

  • Passive fire safety measures
  • Active fire safety measures
  • Management fire safety measures
  • Fire safety programme
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire evacuation drills
  • Regular fire safety inspections
  • Maintenance and servicing of fire equipment
  • Staff instruction and training
  • Fire safety register
  • Emergency planning

Do you need a fire safety management system in your organisation ?

  • Do you have a fire safety manager in your organisation ?
  • When was the last time you conducted a fire evacuation drill?
  • Do you have a fire safety policy in your organisation?

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