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Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental Noise Monitoring

Environmental Noise Monitoring includes the measurement and analysis of noise and vibration in the environment, to enable mediation and mitigation of all types of environmental noise sources, ranging from transportation and industrial sources to outdoor entertainment facilities.

Safecon can carry out environmental noise monitoring surveys in accordance with ISO 1996 1-3 Acoustics – Description and Measurement of Environmental Noise, with reference also made to BS 5228 Part 1, Noise and Vibration control on construction and open sites.

We can provide the following services:

  • Noise mapping and modeling using Cadna A software for roads, parking areas, tunnels, railway stations and proposed new routes.
  • Assessment of broadband and 1:3 octave frequency measurements
  • Monitoring of background noise levels – pre installation
  • Monitoring and reporting in accordance with IPPC and waste licence requirements
  • Assessment of tonal components, high and low frequency noise sources
  • Proposed mitigation and reduction measures