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Fire Safety Auditing

Fire Safety Auditing

On average 46 people die in the Republic of Ireland each year from fire. Over 1,000 people suffer serious injuries from burns and smoke inhalation (HIPE & NPRS Unit ESRI*). In most of these incidents, a level of fire safety education and awareness could have prevented the fire or limited the damage.

Fire Regulations can caused total confusion to many Employers to whom the legislation applies. We are not confused by the Fire Regulations and deal with them simply, efficiently and effectively. We make it easy for you.

According to the Fire Services Act 1981 & 2003, the fire safety in a place of work should be assessed in accordance with fire safety guidance and best practice documents. A Fire Safety Audit fulfills the assessment requirement.

What is fire safety auditing?

Our fire safety consultant will help your organization assess the following items in your organisation

Means of escape:
Fire Alarm:
Emergency Lighting:
Firefighting Equipment:
Safety procedures:
Disabled access:
Flammable storage:
Records for fire training:
Fire safety management

Do you need fire safety auditing undertaken in your workplace?

  • Do you know your fire safety responsibilities?
  • Does your premises comply with Fire Safety legislation
  • Is your Fire Detection and Alarm System in line with  IS 3218?
  • When was the last time your Fire Detection system was maintained?
  • Do you have a Fire Safety Management & Prevention Programme in place in your organisation?
  • Is their a good awareness of fire safety, controls and management of fire safety, and active recommendations in place within your organisation?

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