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Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Pregnancy Risk Assessment: The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Pregnant Employee etc.) Regulations 2000 and the Maternity Protection (Amendment) Act 2004 provide the legislative guidance to organisations who employ expectant mothers

Once an employer has been notified in writing of the pregnancy, birth or the fact that an employee is breastfeeding, the employer is under an obligation to do all that is reasonable to remove or prevent exposure to any significant risk from a variety of hazards.

The hazards include noise, excessive heat, handling of loads and movement and postures which are abrupt and give rise to excessive fatigue.

How will the Pregnant Employee Risk Assessment be carried out?

A qualified assessor completing will discuss each the above listed hzards with the expectant mother and indicate if any of these hazards are present in the work environment, providing details and documenting what corrective measures must be taken. If there is a specific problem with the work or environment, it will be indicated during the assessment.

The risk assessment report will advise on a formal system to be put in place for the control of work activities undertaken by pregnant workers.

Do you need to undertake a Pregnant Employee Risk Assessment?

  • Do you determine the suitability of activities carried out by a pregnant worker?
  • Do you have a formal system in place to examine work activities undertaken by pregnant workers?
  • Are you aware of the legislative requirements that apply to pregnant workers?

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