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Design & Construction

Safety StatementsUnder Section 20 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 all construction employers are required to prepare a Company Safety Statement. If you do not possess a Safety Statement you are not complying with the law. The Safety Statement is a documented health and safety policy, which sets out the manner in which safety and health is managed in the company.

Risk Assessments

Our Safety Consultants will carry out a risk assessment at your construction site, related to your particular range of expertise in construction, and document their findings in order to comply with Section 19 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. Risk analysis is based on hazard identification and an assessment of potential risk to the safety of employees and implementing control measures to ensure health & safety of all persons on site.

Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)

Safecon act on behalf of the client as the Project Supervisor Construction Stage and take on the duties bound by the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2001.

Safety Audits

A safety audit is a detailed assessment of a place of work identifying potential hazards and detailing requirements and recommendations to reduce or eliminate these risks. Our Safety Consultant will visit your construction site and on behalf of the client will assess the standard of safety and safety documentation in operation. Our consultant will provide a written report to designated site management on the standard of safety on site as well as providing practical recommendations to prevent a further non-conformance. We also conduct safety talks and liase with construction management and employees in addressing all safety issues highlighted.

Construction Safety Files

We prepare safety files, which contain relevant documentation for the duration of the project containing induction forms, PPE record sheets, certification of training and all statutory forms. This file is used as a management tool to ensure compliance with the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006.

Safety Officer Services

We provide experienced and competent Safety Officers that can work for you in all industrial and construction sectors, on a part time or full time basis.

Method Statements

On behalf of the client we can prepare a method statement, which is a step-by-step procedure detailing how the work will be carried out safely. This document is prepared following a site visit and discussion with the persons carrying out the work