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VDU Assessor

VDU Assessor Training

Course Details:

VDU Assessors – This course is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge necessary for participants to be able to carry out assessments of workstations that comply with the requirements of the Regulations and help ensure safety of computer users.

Regulation 72 of the 2007 regulations states that the employer must:

  • Ensure that the general use of the equipment is not a source of risk for the employee and
  • Perform an analysis of the workstation in order to evaluate the safety and health conditions to which it gives rise for employees, particularly as regards possible risks to eyesight, phsical problems and problems of mental stress and, on the basis of that evaluation, take appropriate measures to remedy any risks found, taking account of the minimum requirements in Schedule 4 of the Regulations and any additional or combined effects of any such risks.


To give candidates the knowledge and confidence required to be able to carry out practical assessments on VDU equipment, and to be familiar with the main legal responsibilities of employers, employees and others on health and safety with regard to these.


  • Definition of user and operator
  • Assessment procedure
  • Analysis of work stations
  • Lighting requirements
  • Eye defects
  • Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations

Who should attend?

This VDU Assessors training is intended for employees / office managers who have a good understanding of Health and safety in the workplace and wish to conduct Visual Display Unit Assessments in accordance with the requirements of the 2007 General Application Regulations.

Pre-Course Requirements:


Assessment / Certification:

On successful completion of this course, delegates will receive an IOSH VDU Assessor Certificate.


1 Day


Maximum of 12

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